Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Others Are Saying About The Book

“Greg’s book is interesting, easy to read and understand and sums up the entire global warming debate. In the best traditions of the citizen soldier, he has taken the time to arm himself with the facts on this matter, and by doing so, makes it easier for everyone to do the same. I say as a citizen solider, because his love for his country is evident to me as a driving force behind this book. His search for the truth on this matter in this book is a journey any objective person of good will in this country should be willing to embark on. I couldn't put it down and hope everyone will use this to arm themselves with the facts.” ~ Joe Bastardi, Senior Meteorologist AccuWeather.

“Gregory has written a book that understands the science or more correctly the bad science. More important he then presents the entire issue from his strength of knowing and understanding the political and economic ramifications of the deception. He recognizes the threat to jobs and economies, but realizes that basing policy on false information is a more profound problem, that meaningful leadership must spring from truth and basic values.” ~ Dr. Tim Ball, renowned Environmental Consultant and former Climatology Professor at the University of Winnipeg.

"Parker provides a warts-and-all look at the dubious data, crippling costs and bamboozling bosses behind global warming alarmism. Really." ~ David Almasi, Executive Director National Center for Public Policy Research.

“Greg's book does much to dispel the myth that issues like global warming are to help the people who can't speak for themselves. Greg goes a long way to explain how these lies suddenly become truths. The book is a great study in how the Left co-opts many issues, and specifically how they have made natural climate occurrence into nothing more than a money-grab and a farce. An interesting and must read!” ~ Kevin Jackson, Political Pundit and Conservative Radio Show Host.