Monday, June 15, 2009

The GOP has an energy plan

While the price of gasoline has risen 50% in the past five months, Democrats in Congress nevertheless seem determined to make our energy situation even worse. Case in point: Legislation sponsored by Reps. Henry Waxman and Edward Markey to establish a cap-and-trade system that will sharply limit carbon-dioxide emissions and increase energy prices.

Commissioner Parker Speaks Out on the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program

This week I was touched by the story of a single, low income, hard working, mother of three in D.C. whose eldest child, attends the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. The program was created by congress in January 2004 as part of the District of Columbia School Choice Incentive Act of 2003. Under the program, her child along with 1,700 others, receive scholarships vouchers, worth up to $7,500 per child, which can be used to cover the costs of tuition, school fees, and transportation to a participating private school of their choose. This school choice is critical for low-income D.C. residents, particularly those whose children attend public schools, which according to some reports can run tax payers as much as $15,000 per child, and are in need of serious infrastructure improvement and or academic corrective action.

According to a recent report from the US Department of Education, over the programs brief history, there has been a statistically significant positive higher impact on reading test scores and a positive impact overall on parents' school satisfaction and safety. Now let me be perfectly clear here, this is not a democrat or republican thing; this is a right and wrong thing! $7,500 per student for better results or $15,000 per student to sit in crumbling schools; Humm, no brainer right! Yet, congress has chosen to discontinue a working, successful program, and return the 1,700 students back to one of the worse school systems in the US. This is not only shameful, it is clearly political.

Commissioner Gregory Parker presented the first ever Guardian Angel Awards

Monday, April 06, 2009 New Braunfels, TX: Before a delighted crowd, Comal County Commissioner Gregory Parker presented the first ever Guardian Angel Awards. “It was a humbling and wonderful experience,” Parker said. “The winners really deserve this recognition for the work that they do to protect our children.”

Fridays luncheon, sponsored by St. Jude's Ranch for Children, Children’s Advocacy Center of Comal County, Comal County Child Welfare Board, Star Awards, and Ashley Furniture, was well attended by local and regional child advocacy volunteers, agency representatives, law enforcement partners, and elected officials.

To standing ovations winners received their awards. Sharon Hileman, of Comal County, received the 2009 Guardian Angel Award for Volunteer of the Year. Gilbert M. Castro, of Guadalupe County, received the 2009 Guardian Angel Award for Agency Partner of the Year. Rosemary Campise, of Hays
County, received the 2009 Guardian Angel Longevity Award. Daniel Perez, Sherry Flume, Nancy Deckard, Melissa Hines, and Patty Toney, each took home the 2009 Guardian Angel Honorable Mention Award.

Commissioner Gregory Parker created the Guardian Angel Awards to honor volunteers, non-profit agency partners as well as law enforcement and child protective services workers that assist in preventing child abuse and neglect, and/or work to strengthen families. “This was a wonderful way to show we care,“ said Parker. “To show our support for those that protect our children and work to improve our families.”

Thanks to all who attended, the award recipients and to our event sponsors.